Older Minds, New Ideas

A one-day conference for multidisciplinary staff working with older people with mental health problems 

“Thought provoking, fascinating, excellent speaker”

“Interesting and enjoyable talk”


“Interesting ideas about potential service delivery development”


“Inspiring excellent speaker, thoughtful, makes you want to try all the therapies he talked about”

“Useful ideas and interesting as more person centred”


“Superb, emotional, thoughtful, great discussion”

“Heartfelt presentation, thought provoking”


“Enjoyed very much, good to hear a carer's perspective”


“Excellent mix of facts and humour”


“Inspired me to research this subject”

“Fascinating and horrifying in equal measure”


“Feel I have been educated and challenged to learn more”


“Excellent, well judged range of topics and specialities”